Can you rely on your pricing data? It can be challenging to value fixed-income instruments in traditionally illiquid markets.

Trax Pricing delivers contributor-based pricing derived from OTC market executions, supplemented by closing bid and offer quotes from our participant dealer network.

Trax Pricing provides accurate, reliable end-of-day pricing in illiquid and liquid securities including:

  • government bonds
  • corporate debt
  • convertibles
  • covered bonds
  • Asset-Backed Securities (ABS)
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS)
  • Collateralised Debt Obligations (CDO)

Pricing data you can rely on

Market participants recognise the value of contributor-driven prices over third-party evaluations. By relying on real traded prices and quotations sourced from a wide range of dealers, you can be confident that your end-of-day valuations are accurate.

Trax Pricing – key features

  • Customise by ISIN to receive only the prices that you need
  • Unique data for mark-to-market and price testing valuations
  • Prices contributed by a wide range of market participants
  • Latest executed trade prices for over 40,000 fixed-income instruments
  • Latest quotations for more than 45,000 fixed-income instruments

Flexible search and delivery options

Trax Pricing is delivered by a daily file download.

  • Download in multiple formats (CSV or XML)
  • Intra-day queries from your web browser
  • Customisable data selection by ISIN