Trax provides a wide range of information solutions for capital market firms.

Trax Volume – Volume and liquidity service

Trax Volume provides fund, risk and performance managers with unique access to liquidity and volume data to assist in quantifying the liquidity of OTC-traded fixed-income securities.

Trax Reference – Fixed income reference data service

Trax Reference gives you access to comprehensive, timely and accurate terms and conditions data on 300,000 fixed-income securities.

Trax Pricing – Mark-to-market valuation service

Trax Pricing data provides accurate, reliable end-of-day pricing in illiquid and liquid fixed-income securities. By relying on real traded prices and quotations sourced from a wide range of dealers, you can be confident that your end-of-day valuations are accurate.

Trax APA Market Data - MiFID II transparency service

Trax APA Market Data service provides a near-real time view of post-trade transparency across all asset classes for activity reported to the Trax APA and pre-trade data published by Trax on behalf of Systematic Internalisers

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