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FIMA brings together over 400 senior data management executives from across the buy side and sell side, all striving to improve data quality, move towards EDM (Enterprise-wide Data Management), reduce operational risk and remain compliant to new and existing regulations.


If you’re heading up or working within reference data projects, FIMA will ensure you return to your organisation better equipped to manage your key data challenges.


Highlights From The Exceptional Speaker Faculty:


  • Graeme Austin, Director, Product Management, Xtrakter
  • John Bottega, Chief data Officer, CITI
  • Peter Serenita, Chief data Officer, JPMorgan Worldwide Securities Services
  • Ian Webster, Global Head Market Data, Barclays Global Investors
  • Graeme Muirhead,Managing Director Technology Division, Merrill Lynch
  • Michael Eldridge, Head of European Operations Control, WestLB AG
  • Sean Taylor, Executive Director, Client Onboarding EMEA, UBS
  • John White, Principal Data Management, State Street Global Advisors
  • Iman Szeto, Director of Global Reference Data Programme, UBS Global Asset Management
  • Karin De Ridder, Head of Securities Standards, S.W.I.F.T.
  • Peter Largier, Global Head of Reference Data, Project and Business Analyses, Credit Suisse
  • Julia Sutton, Global Head Customer Accounts Operations, Citi
  • Mike Atkin, Managing Director, EDM Council
  • Martin Kruit, VP, Head of Data Management Expertise Centre, ABN Amro
  • Ian Barnett, European Head of IMD Risk, Lehman Brothers
  • Francis Gross, Head of Organisational Planning Division, European Central Bank
  • Sally Hinds, Global Head of EDM, HSBC
  • Paul Booth, Global Co-Head of Data Services Team, CITI
  • David Lanc, Head of Data Management, National Australia Bank Group
  • Dr Vinay Pampapathi, Executive Director, Technology Division, Daiwa Securities SMBC Europe
  • Lisa Sully, Head of Global Data Management, UBS Global Asset Management
  • Alan Greenall, Global Head of Reference Data IT, HSBC Bank plc


Agenda Highlights

A View From The Top: Uncovering Metrics That Gain Top-Level Attention

  • Examining what CEO’s are looking for to help them make the tough decisions on whether to invest $/£/€ in data management
  • Uncovering business issues through metrics
  • How big a problem you have with your data
  • Understanding the implications of it from a business and risk perspective
  • Using metrics to verify, validate and prioritize your business objectives


Understanding And Quantifying The Downstream Impact Of Bad Data In Order To Drive Company-Wide Commitment To Reference Data Projects

  • To what extent can bad data impact processes such as trade execution, valuation, risk & compliance, clearance & settlement, and pre and post trade analysis?
  • How can you put a value on its impact in terms of workflow disruptions, capital charges, manual intervention, penalties and fines, and compliance?
  • How can you best ‘package’ the quantifiable impact into a format that gives you the attention you need from the Board? 


Effectively Managing Your Golden Copy Through Effective and Standardised Data Integration

  • Creating internal standards and ownership models
  • Implementing internal, group wide standards for data entry to ensure information quality
  • Establishing a data quality framework that will ensure transparency of downstream system errors
  • Golden Copy through business transformation and technology innovation


Overcoming The Challenges Of Managing Data In A Turbulent Financial Market

  • Assessing how bad the credit crunch has impacted financial data management projects and initiatives
  • Mastering budget reallocation and staff cut backs: ensuring data quality remains the priority
  • Reducing risk within your business through greater self auditing and compliance checks
  • Gaining competitive advantage while your competitor reduces their efforts: why pushing ahead with data projects in times of uncertainty will add value to your bottom line long term


Managing A Golden Copy Repository In Practice: How To Ensure Different Departments With Different Data Needs Use A Single Source

  • How can the widely diverse needs of different departments be reconciled with a single Golden Copy repository?
  • What steps can you take to prevent different departments from keying in data manually?
  • How can you create the necessary interfaces with different departments if they are not willing to allocate a budget for it?


Getting The Best Out Of Your Staff: Effectively Managing The Data Managers

  • Linking highly skilled data managers as a competitive advantage
  • Creating career paths with set goals and timelines for promotion
  • Best practices in staff training, motivation and performance reviews
  • Overcoming the challenge of staff retention within data management


Establishing Data Quality Initiatives To Improve Reporting & Compliance

  • Understanding how regulations affect data applications

  • Basel II, KYC, SOX, AML, Patriot Act, Reg NMS, etc.

  • Creating an efficient data infrastructure that supports operational efficiency and regulatory reporting

  • Proving best execution

  • Verifying your transactions

  • Managing your risk

  • Providing transparent audit trails

  • Meeting emerging regulatory requirements without compromising data quality and integrity
  • Abstaining from diverting resources for short-term solutions


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